A Healthy Business Is...

I'll finish that title in one minute.  Depending on how quickly you read.

But first let me ask you a couple of questions.  Do you ever wonder why it is so many businesses fail?  I know you wonder if your own business will fail.  You would wonder how is it that they don't see it coming and stop it from happening.  You may be wondering, if I see it coming can I stop it from happening?  

There is a part when a business is at the edge of the cliff about to fall over. Unfortunately, most business owners identify that point monetarily.  The point where they start to loose money, or are no longer able to pay their bills.  Actually that is after the cliff's edge and at that point you should be looking for something to grab hold to and climb back up with, which would be why it becomes almost certain death, because it wasn't identified correctly.

So let's back up a bit, correctly identify that cliff's edge, and put a large fence around it. 

Instead of thinking of a business like an inanimate object, let's put it into perspective this way, a business is a separate entity all by itself.  As a separate entity it is more of a "being" than an inanimate object.  And as a being it has certain basic needs just like you; it needs to be "healthy".  For us human beings healthy depends on food, shelter, clothing, and some other comforts, which will result in physical, mental, and emotional growth,and that growth is seen as a successful life.  

For a business being healthy really just depends on one thing.  A healthy business is a business that grows.  As long as a business is growing in some area whether it be in client numbers, services or goods, brand recognition, or monetarily.  If there is no growth your business is slowly but surely getting closer to that cliff's edge to uncertain death.  

So, now the question becomes what's the fence to help it from going over the cliff?


Simple!  You are!  Whoever is a part of the business can be a part of the fence.  Now back to the analogy, if only management is involved the fence is strong, but if every employee is a part the fence becomes stronger, add customer opinion when necessary and it becomes impenetrable. 

The fence is future goals.  As long as you continue to look ahead and create strong plans to reach those future goals there is growth!  And as long as there is growth, you have a healthy business.  

If you missed it, I finished the title three paragraphs back!

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