A Healthy Business : Knows what to do to stay on track.

A healthy business. That's what everyone wants right? We want the business that we put our time and energy in to last the test of time. We don't want to see something that we put so much faith in die. Most of us would like to stay in business and see our business grow. We want to see our business flourish, become recognized by the general public, and if possible to become an industry leader in our specific niche.

Now with that being said, you would be amazed at how many of us are our own worse enemy because instead of keeping that focus we get buried in current situations and forget about plans for the future. We overthink the wrong things and give too much attention to the distractions of the day. After diverting all of that great energy to the day to day there is no way to look forward to the future and make sure that we have everything necessary to move forward and make it to that beautiful future.

It's like taking care of a house. If you only take care of yourself, if you only make sure that you are alright and you have everything you need from day to day, your home will fall apart. If you never maintain a house you will not have that house in the future. You have to put in time and energy to the maintenance of the actual structure of your house, if not it will fall apart and your house will be a liability and not an asset. The value of your house will depreciate and you will be left with a problem instead of a luxury.

That's an easy thought. Of course if you owned a house or currently own a house you would maintain it. You would take all the necessary precautions to make sure your home is ready for every season. You would clean on a regular basis. You would hire professionals for all the things you have no natural inclination to asses or repair.

What makes your business any different? I'll tell you. A house is an overwhelming entity. No one ever looks at a house and says, "I got this!". No one. You look at home ownership and weigh out all the pros and cons and you already know that you will need professionals to take care of some aspect of that house even if it is just because you know the time that it would take to make sure the house is in tact. For what ever the reasons are you know you will need help and nine times out of ten that help will not be free. It will cost you. A house is a huge investment. And that is not taken lightly by most.

Your business is the same way. Yes, what ever the reason you went into business is easy to handle. It's your trade, your craft, your background, your experience, your passion, your education, that will prepare you for the actual doing business from day to day. But just like that analogy, that would mean you are only taking care of you, and not the house.

Your business requires more than that. In order to stay on course, in order to stay focused and on track, you need to make sure you are taking care of the house. Take care of your business. Take a look, see what it's lacking, what it needs and make sure you get the right people on the job to take care of it. If you aren't good at self-assessment, you need someone to take an assessment. If you aren't good at doing the hard stuff and keeping yourself on track, get some one to keep you on track.

If your business is important to you, do what you need to do to keep your business on track. It will pay off immensely in the future of your business.


As always I am only an email away ( if you need my assistance. I can definitely help you make those first steps and even help you to assess your business and keep you on track to complete the necessary actions to keep your business running and keep it healthy.

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