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You may own your business but are you the CEO?  Are you making executive decisions?  Are you able to steer your business in the right direction?  

Once the day to day tasks of running a business starts it is very easy to see who knows how to make money and who knows how to run a growing successful business.  Many people who start a business slowly dissolve into having a place to generate income and not a business.

If the owner of the business is taking on too many responsibilities, not able to see past the day to day duties, or get past their passion for what they do, they can easily become their own worst employee.  

Do you feel like you work for your company, or are you the CEO?  

I can help you get your business back on track for the growth that it is capable of and move you from employee to CEO.  The time it takes is different for each CEO, however, we will get there, and then you will be able to grow on your own.



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The day to day concept of business is not a concept that every entrepreneur is born with or equipped with naturally.

There are the basics of business and the basics of your business.  In the business that you would like to accomplish, there is a start, there is growth, and there is an end.  Your business may be an idea that you are trying to turn into a business, your business might be a passion that you believe should be a business and there may be a specific type of business that you are looking to buy into.  There is also the possibility that you are harboring an idea that you need to let go of.

I can help guide you through your first steps of business and help give structure to the ideas that you are holding on to.  There may be a great successful business in your future but you will never know until you take those first steps.  You can use my years of experience and marketing expertise instead of your savings and wasted time and energy.



Consults - Assessments - Action Plans - Business Analysis - Marketing Strategy - Target Customer Analysis

There are some businesses that have been around and are not successful at growing and gaining new clients and or entering new markets.  It is hard to run a business if you do no have a strong identity that not only shows a product, but an identity that creates a reason for a consumer to become a customer.

Your brand is your business and your business is your brand.  However, if you are not moving forward in your current business and growth is no where on the horizon, I can tell you it is because you have a business with no brand.

It was much easier in the past for a business to easily slip into both business and a brand.  These days because of the number of businesses there are in the world and the number of people it is very easy for a company to be seen without gaining any interest.

I can help you find your identity and stimulate growth for your company.  Within three months you will have direction and see the beginnings of growth.



Consults - Assessments - Action Plans - SWOT Analysis - Marketing Strategy - Current Customer Analysis

There is only one downside to having a business that has been in business for many years and even decades.  Time has moved on and your business has not.  Constant customers and the faithful few are a gift.  However, you can only unwrap a gift once and then it depreciates in value.

Before your company rides off into the sunset, consider the alternative.  There are ways to make a company current without changing the brand or loosing your faithful few.  Most of the time the leap seems so steep that most companies, and company owners would rather ride off into the sunset and deal with the loss.

I have the ability to help you transition making your company current and relevant without adding the stress of being current or taking on more than you can handle.  Most companies can make the transition within 2 to 3 months.

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